Ethereum Vs Ethereum Classic: Will Both Survive?

Who wouldn’t like to become an ethminer? When you mine for ethereum there is every opportunity to earn a fair bit of money and it really is fantastic. Earning ethereum or ethereum classic can be perfect because people are using crypto currencies to buy things with. Of course with eth you can’t technically purchase anything online but can send money instead. However, since there are two forms of crypto currencies working under the same platform, can they both succeed or will both survive?

The Big Split

To be honest, the split came about only a short while ago. There was a major hack which saw millions of dollars being stolen from users and it divided opinion over what should be done about it. However, there was a reverse over the money stolen and that essentially caused the platform to develop two types of crypto currencies. Eth and ETC. Most people still used the same eth wallet but there were a lot of people who remained a bit unsure of mining. When the split happened, it was anyone’s guess what would happen next.

Will The Two Survive?

It’s hard to say that both classic ethereum and ethereum will survive simply because anything can happen. Right now, it does appear as though the two are living side-by-side and without too much trouble but you have to remember that the network is only so big. There are going to be real problems with two crypto currencies and people are going to find they struggle to deal with them both also. Maybe one day one of the two will go and it does look possible especially at certain times but will it really happen? Again, it’s a guessing game. An ethminer will still go about his or her regular business but everyone is keeping a close eye on what’s going to happen.

What Does The Future Hold?

Right now, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight for ethereum. Eth will always be popular simply because it can be used on the network platform and to send around the world. It might not be possible to make purchases online with the crypto currency but that might not matter in the long-term. You have to remember, there is a big demand for crypto currencies and it doesn’t look as though that will change any time soon. What does that mean for the future? Don’t go canceling your eth wallet just yet; it looks certain it will be around for a little time as yet.

Stronger and Stronger

Crypto currencies in all forms have become highly popular over the course of the last five or six years and it doesn’t look as though it’ll stop. There are just so many people who love the idea of using crypto currencies and there are a lot of uses from them too. Yes eth and ethereum classic can still only be used to purchase items on the ethereum platform but that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t as popular as many other forms. Ether mining will still be as popular today as it is next year and it looks like both ethereum and classic will just manage to survive.